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The Begining - Human Thought Beam
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Shifting from Noosphere to Nootaxis and Noobeam.

How to make intersection between Galaxy beam and Human Thought beam.

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The Correspondence between Jose Arguelles and Johann GeMoll about identity of Thought waves and Temporal waves


Hello Timen,

How are you?

I received your beautiful e-mail some time back with statement on Human Thought Beam which I have read with great interest.

You understand the wave principles very well and I think we may be able to collaborate on the Harmonic Convergence of 2012 project. This has many levels including synchronized meditation practices, but also more scientific efforts in working the Electromagnetic Field, solar pulsations and so forth. The point is that it is a matter of great coordination between human thought wave, and electromagnetic and solar frequency waves.

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General Summary about the project Human Thought Beam

This project is an attempt for executing possibly the most gigantic Experiment, which has ever been suggested by science. An experiment in which the whole humanity to take part ( or at lest one fifth of it – one critically big number of Fibonachi), an experiment in which will be tested the direct, straightforward influence of the Human Thought, Willpower and Emotion – on the Universe and the Galaxy  in particular. An experiment which like a Human Brain Beam will aim towards the Galaxy Beam, radiated from the Cetre (the Brain) of the Galaxy,”Milky Way”. An experiment in which will be traced the consequences of the colision, intersection and interference of the Two Beams.
It is supposed that the Galaxy Beam has stimulated the evolution of life and brain mass of human species – the Interest is mainly on enrichment and exponential increasing of the Human Brain Beam during its communication with the Galaxy Beam.
The goal is to create Human Thought Beam, which to combine the brain waves of billions of people into one single intentional arrow. An arrow which will play the role of a world attractor and will compensate for the main weakness (drawback) of Humanity, which being united genetically ( via DNA), is balefully disunited mentally, cerebrally and voluntativly (voluntarily).

I come from the Cosmic Powers and   address an invitation towards the Humankind – an invitation for waking up from dream of egotism.
I raise a program for transfering from Individualism  toward  Convergent Hyper-Individualism  of Multi-personalism of  infinite numerous plural ego.
I am a messinger of  extraterestrial  global Mind, that wish  to correct wrong cosmic-genetic experiment ,that was exerted  by  Human Presentative of World Evilness upon naive mankind, and show to him the opportunity to deprogramme itself and reprograme itself in a new, more noble way.
I raise a program for founding of a World Movement for uniting and melioraton of Humankind, ennobling of Globalisation and association with the cosmic powers which conduct the future of the Planet, the evolution of life and the Universe. This initiative is on the way ( tends to be) advanced by the most progressive powers on the Planet, within which there are the leading personalities of the world’s elite, educated millionaires, noetic intellectuals and scientists. It is an invitation for a shift from geocentrism to cosmocentrism.
( The project is only ostensibly comparable with the already organised project – „The Hour of the Earth” , in which more than one billion people turned off their lights on the Earth, but it was envisioned as a passive one – while the experiment described bellow is envisioned as an active human mental interference into the information field of the Universe)

Another major tendency of the global movement in question is creating new values and new noetic elite on the Earth - New   Cosmic (Planetary ) Aristocracy – which consists of educated millionaires, noetic intellectuals and scientists and sharpwitted Youth, ( not programmed yet) young people who to reflect the sophisticated transition towards the new Humanity .


2012 human thought beam convergence upon galaxy center

Shifting from Noosphere to Nootaxis and Noobeam.
How to make intersection between Galaxy beam and Human Thought beam.


2012, Orienting of the human thought beam as per the galaxy center. The human thought beam bombards the galaxy center. Universal brain code.

Building of the human thought beam.
The most global experiment of human thought.
Building of the human thought beam into Cosmic Objective Psyche Beam.
Convergence of the human thought beam.
Practice of panhuman mediation. Practice of panhuman prayer. The most large-scale experiment in human thought integration power. Summoning all Earth's residents to a panhuman collective meditation and prayer, focused on the galaxy center.


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Shifting from Noosphere to Noo-arrow :Human thought beam: Focus on coherence tuning in

First description

What is due in 1,440 billion people if all look, thought and ambition look along, think along, feel along and frantically strive along for the appearance of the same superior being inhabiting the centre of the Milky Way, or the Galactic Mind? Will human thought beam get born ? The beam to shoot the Universe and stab right into the heart of the Galaxy centre? Yes, there cries the answer of the galactic mind which is supposed that on its part is continuously shooting its beam at its belonging galaxy.

Will then there be born – by the intersection of galaxy beam and human thought beam – the cosmic cross which as a common point will be the dialogue between humanity and God? This is a gigantic experiment along Universal lines unseen up until now.

What will happen if 1,440 billion people come to agree on the same passion, direct the same will power and ambition, all their thought and intellectual potential of humanity – shoot right at the galaxy mind? Right at same instant? What will happen if all the 1 700 symphony orchestras in the world, and so 1 200 classic choirs play at the same time Bach’s Mateus Passion, sing Vivaldi’s Gloria and Mozart’s Requiem? In all nooks and crannies of the world? And a billion and 440 million people around the orcestras  respond along within the same verse, the same prayer, the same appeal: all virtues of the heart shall bring their beam into unison.

 Everyone starts to utter the appeal of their virtues and values like a cosmic sword, or like an Odysseus’ arrow sot straight into the heart of the Galaxy Mind. Never before has such an experiment been carried out, the most grandiose one in concept, and most gigantic in size; and it will be realised if a particular number of people – millions of people – converge their psyches, condense their thoughts, get their will power compact and shoot their souls like one single soul. This common soul is to inevitably reach the centre of the galaxy and upon stabbing the galactic mind is to force the superb computer eventually dormant in it – to strike back, and finally come to realise the long strived dialogue between the cosmic mind and the mind of humanity. This experiment will solve all mysteries and problems of civilization. Because if the galactic mind answers to human cosmic questioning beam through a galactic beam, then all unsolved issues about the nature of the Universe, about the meaning to life, and the reality – or non-reality – will be sorted out and given a lease of life. On the other hand, however, if communication between human thought beam and galactic thought beam is realised, then human energy will arise zillion times.

This experiment unseen by now, gigantic and cosmic that has never been carried out with human brain, – could very easily be realised if the disseminating and offensive to each other human souls dispersing in various entropic directions unite to become one soul, one thought, one will power, one feeling, one ambition, and all humanity fires their mind as a single beam towards the galaxy centre.
A single beam toward the Universal Cosmic Computer to find the right answer to all their questioning.

The project is to be on the site of General Human  Prayer and Meditation on the Galaxy Centre.The fatal abysm in 2012 will be overcome through the beam of human thought and consciousness, and trough the general meditation of humanity upon the center of the galaxy.And all planetary disasters like solar radiation, magnet poles ,and earthquakes could be influenced  by Human thought ray.

This common transformation is to be realised through the union, or integrity, of each individual consciousness to mingle into one common consciousness, each individual’s will power – into one common will power, each individual’s memory to become one common memory, each fantasy to join the fantasy of the whole, each individual perception will turn into one single perception: hence, a single perception, a single thought, a single emotion, a single will power, a single fantasy, a single beam, a single target: all is one through the beam of consciousness.The unison of the Earth’s axis in the Solar System with the centre of the galaxy is to be simultaneously realised as synchronizing of all human mind. 

The Earth’s Time is only frequency of temporal waves that emanates human brain.
The Galactic time is only the frequency of temporal waves that emanates galaxy brain.
The point of intersection between Earth’s time and Galactic time is the point of communication between Earth’s human brain and Galaxy brain, and that  Intersection is to serve as  new Cosmic Cross, that waits the Cosmic Jesus.

Human thought wave is to be coherent with the frequency of galactic thought, and to pulse along with it. Human mind is to be coherent, i.e. consonant with the mind of the galaxy. Thus, through the coherence of wave functions – when the wave function of human brain, and the wave function of galaxy brain come into coherence – the level of human vibration will be raised, the human mind vibration will be raised beyond perception. The wave of human brain will rise to the wave of the galaxy.

And then, all these 26 000 light years will mingle into a single instant. This is what Maya’s priests used to do: join together the taxis of energy and the taxis of information. They would bridge the abyss between space and time. To reach the centre of the galaxy, they never flew over the space-time abysm, they would bring together the taxis of energy and the taxis of information thus passing beyond space and time. We don’t need to travel for 26 000 light years to reach the centre of the galaxy, it is enough the wave function of human thought beam to get coherent with the wave function of the galaxy brain (galaxy centre).

Even if the ultimate and omnipresent human cry for cosmic communication remains unanswered, remains silent, dumb and without an answer, then what humanity will need the least is to obtain the exponential, increasing billions of times energy. The human mental beam and the human brain are to be enriched with the whole abundance of cosmic radiation, energy and information emitted by the very heart of the Galaxy .
 The energy power and the information power of humanity will grow in size, which would have suddenly shortened hundreds of billions of light years. We could reach the energy of future civilizations if we manage to conduct the experiment. It will give us the possibility to jump ahead with 30,000 light years – the distance which separates the Solar System from the Galactic Centre. Since we are moving slowly, if we don’t conduct this experiment we will have to wait for over thousands of light years for the energy-information machine of human civilization to gradually reach this level of power, semantics and information which, if humanity unites its efforts, will leap over all these 220 million years necessary for the Sun to revolve around the Galaxy, or those 30,000 light years which separate our Solar System away from the Galactic Centre.This infinite advantage - can be accomplished, and thirty thousand light years can be skipped. 220 million years of galactic circulation of the Solar System around the Galaxy can be saved indefinitely and this endless time of hundreds of millions of years can be leapt over taking the human civilization suddenly to the level of cosmic intelligence inconceivably far more developed.

All this is dependent on extremely difficult unwillingness – why? – due to human wickedness – it depends on extremely difficult unwillingness due to the human viciousness and misconceived individuality – unwillingness for uniting all the willpowers, intellects, hearts and ambitions into one single willpower, one single intellect, one single emotion, one single thought, one single all-consuming and all-burning passion, which, only using its willingness can give birth to the new God, the second Jesus Christ – the Cosmic Jesus. Infinitely easy, if one approaches it from the point of view of the noble mind and extremely difficult, if one approaches it from the point of view of an egotistic mind, the human egotistic intellect. If the humankind overcomes its own egotism, its willingness for separation, dissociation, dissemination and dispersing that weaken billions of times the power of the human brain.

If suddenly the humankind overcomes the separation, the dissociation, the dissemination of human mental energy, if they are united in one single, collective mind, brain, intellect, willpower, passion and beam - then the million years long journey of individual psyches towards common solutions will be shortened, and billion of years will be leapt over. It will give the humanity, as one single mind, the possibility to reach the place where it will arrive as a clumsy continuum of billions of scattered, disseminated individual intellects.The destiny of many future civilisations is dependent on the union of human minds, the convergence of dispersed billion human psyches, intellects and willpowers.

The least, humankind, conceived from the cosmic point of view, represents a huge genetic mass which every third second brings up a new life and an old life dies.Seen from another angle- from cosmic point of view- this gigantic genetic mass constantly shoots in totally different, billions of directions the beams of its billion brains. Now humankind resembles a genetic sun which repeatedly wastes, exhausts and scatters in billion directions its energy, disverging energy. Imagine what will happen if these disverging, flying in different directions, self squandering and self exhausting beams of human thought at once gather and unite into one single whole, perform synergy, convergence and compactification, and unite into one single thought, passion, feeling, intention, intuition, desire and willpower.

Then indeed, the human genetic mass, which as a whole is a kind of an emitting into heterogeneous directions sun shooting towards the Universe, from an exploding sun, which wastes its energy, it will turn into an imploding gigantic black hole, which instantly bursting, will turn into a cosmic beam.This beam will reach the Galaxies’ Centre and will reveal the curtain of the World’s mysteries.

If humanity finds strengths, audacity, willpower, conformity and consciousness to unite its brains into one converging brain beam and a thought arrow, then out of this convergence of human brains, the whole humankind will resemble one single brain; humanity itself will play the role of a cosmic attractor of other, possibly dispersed in Space and the Universe, intelligences and civilizations.Human genetic sphere will turn into an exploding genetic sun (it could become) imploding genetic mental, brain Sun- one gigantic brain globe, which instead of disverging and exploding into different directions, wasting entropically its power, could bring back its wasting energy from everywhere and become one gigantic implosion- will give birth to this Universal and cosmic attractor, which will attract alien civilisations and cosmic intelligences with the inconceivable power of its convergence.

This convergence of human brains, which will create from humanity one gigantic brain, could bring to life, the long desired by the physicists, compactification of these hidden dimensions. Could reveal the compactification of geometrical dimensions and could express their inconceivable power. More over this convergence of human’s brain potential could invert into open and expressive, hidden otherwise, geometrical dimensions.
From an implicit possibility of geometrical brain the theory could turn into a geometrical explication, an updated explicative reality of the geometrical cosmic brain.
Namely when humanity, the human brain turns into one universal cosmic attractor, the impregnated one into another billions of psyches will exchange their abilities, substances and powers and just then it will take place, then all the promises will be bestowed, for that reason that the inept will receive in their souls the abilities of talented, the stupid will become clever, the mediocre will receive the geniality of their brothers, and then humanity, mutually enriching itself, from one genetic sphere it actually will resemble one single gigantic cosmic brain. The power of collective converging, synergetic intention could pierce the tissue of time and space and transcendent towards this Universal cosmic computer device, which is thought to be situated beyond the Universe- transcendental to the cosmic order.
One implicit, trans-cosmic order.

Then, if human beings agree to converge their psyches, inept will acquire the talents of gifted, stupid will suddenly acquire intellectual possibilities and mediocre will feel the enthusiasm of genial. Because enrichment depends on impregnation and convergence of human psyches through their abilities to get coherent.
Holographies its own equally omnipresent powerful brain potention.
Energy and information.    
Since according to the power of coherent all psyches rays will become one single like lazar ray. Humanity will level out, holography, equipotentiate its inconceivable brain power.
Just then uneducated will become wise and wise will become noetic. Then irresponsible genial intellects will suddenly receive the imperative of responsible hearts. Intellect will become emotionally responsible of its deeds. Serious indiscriminate willpower will feel ashamed of its defiance and will accept the logical chains as a measure of its own power. If humanity gets accustomed to the idea to unite their intellects, to synergise their brains, to converge their souls, then it learn instantly and automatically to transfer psychological endowments of one individual to other individuals.
Decades of years of education for development of abilities will be shortened inconceivably to just a few seconds or minutes.
This experiment has to be suggested by UNESCO.
If human thought convergence is performed- it is just the beginning of the new renaissance.
The whole subtlety of human thought beam problem is that humanity, which is unified as genetic mass, at the same time is disseminated as a brain substance. That’s why it is desirable the brain substance to resemble the unification of the genetic mass.
So, the whole problem is Humanity itself, which is genetically unified and converged, to invert its brain dissemination into brain unification, to be obtained one single, one united brain, one huge brain in a multitude of projections.From disseminated brains humanity to become a responding brain mass and converging brain beam. Then it will acquire unconceivable power.The disvergention dissipates billions and trillions of detached brain waves, while the convergence of brain beams, uniting and compactificating them with each other, will acquire an inconceivable energetical and semantic power, will help, probably for the first time, to transcendent the space-time loop and chains, in which the Universe is bound or to transcendent the symmetrical wall, which encircles the Universe. The question is to transcendent the symmetry, to break out of the symmetry, inside of which is locked and imprisoned the Universe. All Universal secrets lie at the other side of this symmetrical barrier.

It is very important to look for conditions in order to really compress, condense, converge and concentrate the human thought. If human thought is concentrated enough, it has to pass the phases of hyper sphere. Hyper sphere is toros – so it has to go through the stage of toros. The question is, if it continues to condense, will it reach the stage of Böse – Einstein condensate?If the processes of condensation, compactification and concentration continue to grow, in my opinion, it leads to the state of singularity. If this impregnation and congestion continues, density will increase. In this way the more we concentrate and congest, we will gather much more information in a smaller space; even more if we manage to concentrate the human thought beam, it will acquire a huge striking force – similar to the striking force of a tornado – the air condenses and impregnates so much that it becomes stronger and harder than iron.                                                                                                                                       In this sense conditions have to be found in order to continue to increase condensation, compactification and concentration of this human thought beam to the infinity. Because let’s recall to mind what the law of physics reads – to the small distances correspond maximum energies – the more energy is blocked in a smaller distance, the hacklier and more bended the wave is, the more powerful it becomes. In this sense the smallest distances conceal the most quantity of energy and Planck energy corresponds to the Planck distance. That is why Planck distance conceals inconceivably huge quantity of energy. It is when it is impregnated, concentrated and compactificated  to a  degree 10 to 94 in a cubic centimetre. Namely this is the task .Toros is one of the transitions through which it has to proceed. So that hyper sphere, hyper toros, hyper cube, tetraeder – these are unavoidable stages and phases through which the human thought beam has to go through. According to our calculations human thought beam must reach much higher degree of condensation, concentration and congestion, which means to reach to this ideal, which is achieved in black holes. If it reaches a black hole, then the beam will evaporate as a black hole, and our idea is that the consciousness itself and the brain itself exist as a black hole. So that here the boundaries correspond to each other – correspondence, convergence of bordering epistemological requirements of transference.  

And look now, what is the discovery – each brain is Solaris, like a star, which constantly emits information and receives information. But, the misfortune is that our brains are disseminated. To turn themselves into an attractor, if they start to converge, then humanity, which, note that, biologically is one united genetic mass but cerebrally is disseminated, it isn’t one united mass, it is scattered into billions of isles of brain, of sensitivity. You follow that, don’t you? Convergence of psyche will turn humanity not only into genetic mass but also into brain mass, a new concept will arise – brain mass, which will start pulsating with one and the same frequency, one and the same pulsation,

The thing which is very popular at the moment is my discovery of this, that when human thought beam convergence takes place, then out of the mutual impregnation psyches get into direct relations for the first time. Generally relations between individuals are very mediated by worldly relations, events, belongings, even relations between beloved people, always between them there are concerns, the family, work, even common interests.

The idea of human thought beam is to occur direct, immediate connection between psyches, as if all the people to start dreaming the same dream. This same dream will transform all billions souls into one

.My discovery is that if humanity succeed to shift itself from  Noosphere into Noo-taxis ,Noo-beam and Noo-arrow then the Arrow of Noosphere will become the World Atractor, which ,from one side, will create the virtual God existence, and from the other ,will reach such psyches inter-symmetrization , that will allow the logical abilities of the clever to transfer to  to the logically feeble,  because when two billions people start to think, to feel simultaneously, arises this compactification of the psycho-substance that opened the possibility  to  be acquired this miracle, that the stupid will acquire the abilities of the clever, the inept will suddenly become talented.

It will happen, exactly as the miracles in the Bible.     


The beam of human thought itself is of dual nature

On one side, the intellectual and memory forces are of gravitational nature.

The world will, the world chance fantasy, the will forces, the chance fantasy forces, the forces of imagination – they all are of anti-gravitational nature, as special manifestation of time.
Time is of anti-gravitational nature, while the memory forces, the intellectual forces and the space forces – they are of gravitational nature.
Space is of gravitational nature, while the time – of anti-gravitational one.

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