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General Summary about the project Human Thought Beam - Human Thought Beam
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Shifting from Noosphere to Nootaxis and Noobeam.

How to make intersection between Galaxy beam and Human Thought beam.


General Summary about the project Human Thought Beam

This project is an attempt for executing possibly the most gigantic Experiment, which has ever been suggested by science. An experiment in which the whole humanity to take part ( or at lest one fifth of it – one critically big number of Fibonachi), an experiment in which will be tested the direct, straightforward influence of the Human Thought, Willpower and Emotion – on the Universe and the Galaxy  in particular. An experiment which like a Human Brain Beam will aim towards the Galaxy Beam, radiated from the Cetre (the Brain) of the Galaxy,”Milky Way”. An experiment in which will be traced the consequences of the colision, intersection and interference of the Two Beams.
It is supposed that the Galaxy Beam has stimulated the evolution of life and brain mass of human species – the Interest is mainly on enrichment and exponential increasing of the Human Brain Beam during its communication with the Galaxy Beam.
The goal is to create Human Thought Beam, which to combine the brain waves of billions of people into one single intentional arrow. An arrow which will play the role of a world attractor and will compensate for the main weakness (drawback) of Humanity, which being united genetically ( via DNA), is balefully disunited mentally, cerebrally and voluntativly (voluntarily).

I come from the Cosmic Powers and   address an invitation towards the Humankind – an invitation for waking up from dream of egotism.
I raise a program for transfering from Individualism  toward  Convergent Hyper-Individualism  of Multi-personalism of  infinite numerous plural ego.
I am a messinger of  extraterestrial  global Mind, that wish  to correct wrong cosmic-genetic experiment ,that was exerted  by  Human Presentative of World Evilness upon naive mankind, and show to him the opportunity to deprogramme itself and reprograme itself in a new, more noble way.
I raise a program for founding of a World Movement for uniting and melioraton of Humankind, ennobling of Globalisation and association with the cosmic powers which conduct the future of the Planet, the evolution of life and the Universe. This initiative is on the way ( tends to be) advanced by the most progressive powers on the Planet, within which there are the leading personalities of the world’s elite, educated millionaires, noetic intellectuals and scientists. It is an invitation for a shift from geocentrism to cosmocentrism.
( The project is only ostensibly comparable with the already organised project – „The Hour of the Earth” , in which more than one billion people turned off their lights on the Earth, but it was envisioned as a passive one – while the experiment described bellow is envisioned as an active human mental interference into the information field of the Universe)

Another major tendency of the global movement in question is creating new values and new noetic elite on the Earth - New   Cosmic (Planetary ) Aristocracy – which consists of educated millionaires, noetic intellectuals and scientists and sharpwitted Youth, ( not programmed yet) young people who to reflect the sophisticated transition towards the new Humanity .