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The Correspondence between Jose Arguelles and Johann GeMoll about identity of Thought waves and Temporal waves - Human Thought Beam
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Shifting from Noosphere to Nootaxis and Noobeam.

How to make intersection between Galaxy beam and Human Thought beam.


The Correspondence between Jose Arguelles and Johann GeMoll about identity of Thought waves and Temporal waves


Hello Timen,

How are you?

I received your beautiful e-mail some time back with statement on Human Thought Beam which I have read with great interest.

You understand the wave principles very well and I think we may be able to collaborate on the Harmonic Convergence of 2012 project. This has many levels including synchronized meditation practices, but also more scientific efforts in working the Electromagnetic Field, solar pulsations and so forth. The point is that it is a matter of great coordination between human thought wave, and electromagnetic and solar frequency waves.


I will be preparing more detailed information about this in the months ahead so we can see how make a big cosmic wave coordination project.

I hope you will wish to be part of the scientific level of this project, which will include, of course a few other scientists. I will see to it that you are all in contact with each other when I have the project proposal put together.

Please let Irinia know we have received her books at our office in North America and they are being forward to us here in Southern Hemisphere ...

Once again thank you so much for the information you have sent and for your kind thoughts and good wishes!

Jose Arguelles
Galactic Research Institute

*   *   *

Dear Jose,

Your Highness of truths,
Fair brother nymphes, who made long years of pain
sweet to remember!
I will waiting for your concrete tasks - and in the meanwhile I will also send to you some more concrete considerations about that Cosmic Wave and Human Thought Wave coordination.
I will share with you some general considerations.
I shall raise a proposal that Thought waves are identical to Temporal waves.
But immediately I have to warn what I mean under temporal waves and that temporal waves are very different from our usual understanding of time.
Our common notion of time I classify as secondary time experience.
Preliminary I will define Temporal waves as antipode of Gravitational waves.
As Gravity waves are those that move along the fabric of space-time, as Temporal waves are those that move along the tissue of psyche.

But the tissue of Subjective psyche of man is quite different from the tissue of Objective Psyche of Universe.

Subjective psyche of man is a sign (is a marker) of distance between  Energy and Information.

Objective psyche of Universe is a sign of primordial indistinguishability of Energy and Information. Objective Psyche of the Universe is an example of Energy that thinks and Thought that energizes. An example of thinking energy and energizing thought.
Dear Jose, I would like to share with you one of my notorious discovery: Temporal waves are only pulsation that travel very quickly between World Energy and World Information, and they only connect Energy waves with Informational waves. Each point (instant) of World Energy corresponds to each point (instant) of World Information through Temporal waves.

This define Time as only a measure of traveling between Energy and Information (between Energy waves and Informational waves). As Space is only a measure of distance between Energy and Information.

Now we can ask ourselves the fateful question: If Informational fields can turn into Energy fields and vice versa, Energy fields can turn into Informational fields, what happens if they are constantly turning into each other in a never ending pattern? We could find that these Energy-Information fields would create a wave much alike an ocean wave. Therefore, this alternation and oscillation between Info fields and Energy fields make up a wave. And Energy fields and Information fields are only two fazes of one and same wave. And the mediator that constantly transform them one into other is the time as Temporal waves.
I have to note that one can distinguishes two kinds of Time: primordial time and secondary time. We need of this distinction in order to aware that all we call Energy is only that former part of primordial time, which was secondarily confined into geometric dimensions, and this way transformed into Energy. That any kind of Energy is only a former part of primordial time.

This point is very remarkable in order to comprehend our axiom about two different kind of Vacuum : spatial vacuum and temporal vacuum. And our theorem that we can derive (extract) Energy from Time - as besides empty Space exists empty Time which is temporal vacuum. Our hypothesis is that the 73 percents of energy is hidden not in empty Space but in empty Time. This energy hidden in temporal Vacuum (empty Time) has been discovered now as Dark Energy. Scientists confess that no one know where dark energy came from, yet, we know : it came from temporal Vacuum. And we can derive Energy from Time from temporal Vacuum - as temporal Vacuum is motherland of primordial time.
Physicists distinguish only spatial Vacuum. They never speak about temporal Vacuum - and that's way they are unable to comprehend the Tesla's scalar waves. Physicists examine only spatial Vacuum. From it follows that they attempt to derive Energy only from Space.  And that is the reason why they consider Vacuum as Zero point spatial energy and not Zero point temporal energy. 

Scientists speaks only of empty Space  and never for empty Time - they do not consider that one can extract Energy from Time.

Primordial Time is omni-directed, omni-propagated and  non-local  fugue of Time, which flows everywhere, and because of its omni-directedness seem to us as unmovable, and appears in our mind as simultaneous-instantaneous-perpendicular Time, identical to eternal present-consciousness. Usually primordial time is insensible, unperceivable, and one could senses and perceives it only as part of time which is already enclosed into geometrical dimensions and appeared to our mind as Energy.

Secondary Time is manifested  by two embodiments: first, as our known linear-consecutive-open planed time, which is mono-directed and mono-propagated and known in Physics as time arrow.

And second - as Energy - any kind of Energy .
Only a small part of Primordial Time is sensible - and this is just that part which is confined within geometrical dimensions and which part we perceive as Energy: every kind of energy is only former already enclosed into geometry Primordial Time. What is noticeable is that every kind of Energy is just only former Primordial Time secondarily transformed into Energy through confining into geometric dimensions. It follows a multitude consequences that I will not expose now....
Before any considerations we have to make clear the very nature of Thought waves.
On my view, it is insufficient to interpret Thought wave mainly as electromagnetic waves: first, electromagnetic waves are the nature of Light, but nature of Thought is different than nature of Light : One must find the nature of Thought wave as independent of nature of Light. And here works your intuition about Time secrecy, dear Jose:  my investigations and revelations show that the nature of Thought Wave are identical to Temporal Waves. Yet, temporal waves are new concept and they are still unknown to Physics . Scientists' ignorance about temporal Waves is just consequence of their interpretation  of Universe mainly as space and spatial realm: For Physics Universe is spatial Universe, because space is symmetrical, self-reversible, self-similar and finite -  and spatial waves manifest itself as Gravitational waves (which make Space very convenient  for mathematic manipulation :  Self-symmetrical Space easy enter the math equations and cause scientists enthusiasm to articulate nature. Yet, this articulation is going besides Time and temporality. Time and temporality remain outside the Physics - and it is shown through their CPT Symmetry: Laws of physics are symmetrical to time flow.)

Time is asymmetrical, non-self-reversible, non-similar and infinite - and Temporal waves manifest itself as Anti-gravitational.  And that nature of Time makes obstacle: Time entering the mathematic equations: classical math is tuning into conformity with Space and its symmetrical feature- classical math is conformable to space and is unconformable to Time. Because the nature of Space is self-identical, yet nature of Time is non-self-identical and it needed the new non classic math, that should be the math of non-self-identity, and as such it should be auto-notative self-referentiality computation - in difference to classical math that compute by alio-notative non-self-referentiality computation.

Anyway, if investigations show that Thought waves are similar or identical to Temporal waves and Temporal waves designate time, now is important to get awareness that Temporal waves have anti-gravity and anti-entropy characteristics - which allow to consider them as antipode of Gravitational waves.

One notorius consequence: If  Thought waves are similar to Temporal waves  then changing the arrow of time will change the arrow of thought – and the time curvature in perpendicular direction will bwcome identical to Thought curvature. The mankind  have to aware this gift of god and use for its evolution. That's way we think that the arrow of Time and arrow of Noo-sphere could coincide if we succsess to transform Noo-sphere into  Noo-taxis and Noo-Arrow. Then the arrow of Noosphere, arrow of Cephalus, arrow of Thought and arrow of Time will coincide. But just  experiment as  Human Thought wave beam or Human Thought wave-radius can help to build by human mind a World attractor.  which is identical of building a new God or new virtual God ( yet nobody is able to distinguish a real god from virtual god, because their mental experience and scientific description are identical).
“All Gods, Daemons and all Spirits, who throng those bright and rolling worlds
which Thou and I alone of living things behold with sleepless eyes !” -
I think only you and I have penetrated the sky
“hoping to still these obstinate questionings” of cosmic secrecy
that are hidden from men of learned ignorance, called "scientists"!
In lone and silent hours, during decades, having enjoyed of my compelled solitude, “by forcing some lone ghost”

finally I approached some transhuman intimacy with  heaven and have been aware  that space and time are not primordial but secondary and quite conditional entities:
Space is only a measure of distance between Energy and Information. Time is  measure of traveling between them.

In order to confirm my view I will give some example:
Leading  scientists confess and declare: " One of the most embarrassing gaps in modern physics is that : No one can calculate the amount of Dark energy, and nobody knows what is its nature. This is one of the most important questions  in physics, because it will eventually determine the fate of the Universe.

Yet, we know: The substance of dark energy is force of world asymmetric non-self identical antigravity Impulse.

Nobody knows the nature of dark energy. Yet, we know: The nature of this Asymmetric Impulse (impetus) is World fugue of primordial time - time that not yet transformed  through geometry into Energy  (only small part of  primordial time, which is confined into geometric dimensions is allowed  and manifested  as Energy while the rest, the biggest part of time remains unrecognized undetectable and invisible, and upon that non-confined into geometry world river of time floats the energetic-geometric ball (sphere) of the Universe.

But if the Time is not seen that’s not mean that Time is undetectable. Which are the sensory organs that catch, perceive Time? - this organ is not eye/vision, but ear/hearing -since  if Space is seen , the Time is heard. If Space is perceived by visual logic. then Time is perceived by audio logics (oto logic) .

That's why the visual Space is intellectual, while hearing Time and Heard Time is emotional, voluntative and fantasizing.

And the being of Time is emotional, fortuity, chanceful, fantasizing and voluntative. As nature of Time is similar to nature of Music, and nature of Music is identical to nature of Psyche - then Music, Psyche and Time are woven by the same tissue – the source of Psyche and source of Time coincide.

The Dark Energy came out from our subjectivity, or our consciousness - as the substance of our consciousness is namely that Dark Energy, since the emptiness of Dark Energy and the Emptiness of Consciousness is the same. As the authentic description of consciousness is description of mini-black hole. (See our article  "Consciousness as mini black hole , in "Quantum Mind" conference, Salzburg, 2007) The reason d’être to identified Dark Energy as consciousness is that both possesses a nature of non-self-identical Infinite negativity - as ever negating itself negation and ever different from itself difference, from which constant self-difference emerges every newness, novelty, unpredictability and unforeseen event in the world.
No one knows what is that power (force) that expands the Universe with the growing velocity? - This is the power of our individuality, which is asymmetric-antigravity force, in which we recognize the river of time, which is river of subjectivity, and which nature is force of infinite negativity as ever different from itself difference, that manifested itself as World asymmetric non-self-identical impulse, which possesses antigravity nature that exactly expand Universe with growing velocity.
Within the status of Objective Psyche of the Universe, (or Energy-information continuum ) where Energy is thinking, and Thought is energizing , within their undistinguishability, there is no Space and no Time.
After disintegration of primordial Energy-information continuum ( which we call "Energetic Cogito" as state of objective psyche of Universe")  have emerges Space as measure of distance between Energy and Information and Time as measure of traveling between them.

To every point of Information stays ( corresponds) biective point of Energy. To every Quantum is erected biective Sign (meaning), but people forgot that divine correspondence, and mixed awful talk with asking acts, destroyed primary harmony and join mistaken way disordered non-thinking energy with non-energizing thought. Thought lost its own energy, and Energy lost its own thinking.

Namely that loss (deprivation) became the substance of Space and the escape of Energy from Information became the very time. By forward time-energy is escaping from Information; by backward time-energy is return into information.

In this situation - the situation of separation between Mnemo ( self-identity, self-equality, Noe, memory, information, symmetry, similarity and General ) and Horme ( non-self-identity, non-self-equality, eternal difference, ever different from itself difference, hence, fantasy, energy, oblivion, asymmetry and individuality) we cannot perceive the very Objective psyche.

Because we are living within the river of Subjectivity, between the shores of Energy and shores of Information; The more river of Subjectivity grows, the further the shores of energy and Information go away from each other. In order to restore the state of Objective Psyche we need again to converge the Subjective Psyche and Subjective Physics into one single state which is a state of indistinguishability between energy and information as Thinking energy and Energizing thought, as "Energy Information continuum" .
Exactly this river of Subjectivity as river of Time is expanding the Universe faster and faster and scared the physicists. That linear consecutive time, opened to the infinity, which has negative nature as Non-self-identical World Asymmetric Impulse, which is the source both of our individuality and dark energy.

That's way the Mayan priests don’t travel through space and time: they simply join to every point of Info every point of Energy and thus making the space contraction time contraction landed the galaxy center. But in order to make time contraction one needs to enter the instantaneity, or to make time curvature: to curve the flowing of Time into perpendicular direction. If we don’t curve the Time arrow we cannot enter the Instant, and will remain slaved into that linear consecutive time flow, where you live between the instants, being unable to enter the instantaneity. Each Instant is infinitely long corridor, which catch the Infinity, and hold all past experiences alive and undestroyable....
I will stop now with the general considerations, waiting for your concrete tasks about Cosmic Wave and Human Thought Wave coordination.
Many blessings,
Most humble and devoted
*   *   *

Timen Timev Noosphere Thought Wave Considerations
Science of the Mind Shift
Dear Timen,
I have been going over your e-mail with its numerous theoretical postulates as well as your fascinating diagrams. Thanks again for all this wonderful material!
Before I get into discussing what you have put forth, let me state again the nature purpose and methods of the project so that we have an over-all working schematic.
The nature of the project rests on the assumption that we are completing the biosphere-noosphere transition, the change form a purely toxic third-dimensional physical state to a purified fourth dimensional mental spiritual state.
The crux of this transition is the 21 December 2012 date. The premise is that for this transition to be successful it requires the synchronized unified field of a human mind collective, consciously attuned to the fact that it is precipitating the noosphere by its synchronized collective focus and attention.  In other words it is engaged in an act of noo-genesis. To do this we propose a science of the mind shift.
The methods are two fold and establish two distinct praxes: one is the bio-mental projection of synchronized thought waves to engender the noosphere as a unified planetary mental field; the other is more scientific and involves the creation of the circumpolar rainbow bridge. This involves mental engagement of the psi bank that lies between the two electromagnetic fields, as well as knowledge of the electromagnetic fields in relation to the solar sunspot cycle.
In actuality both of the methods involve the psi bank. The thought wave is intended to activate the psi bank at a purely mental level; while the circumpolar rainbow bridge activates the psi bank as it is in resonance with the electromagnetic field of the planet and therefore as a function of the pulsations of the solar sunspots and their related activity – CMEs, solar flares etc. With both approaches we need to be precise and scientific in our understanding and therefore need to define the exactly how we intend to go about it, what we anticipate will occur as a result, and therefore, we need to define the principles underlying the methods we intend to use.
That said, I would add that your theoretical propositions pertain very much to the first method, while the work of Bors Petrovic defines the second method. Then we must put these together so that they work as a complementary whole, knowing at which precise moment to become maximally synchronized. As Boris puts it: THE EARTH FAULT ZONES SHOULD BE EXCITED BY THE SOLAR WIND. THIS SCALAR TYPE EXCITATION MAKES TIME WAVES AND DISRUPTS CURRENT GLOBAL MIND CODING WITH PULSE POWER OF MILLIONS HUMAN ANTENNAS.
Now to address what you have put forth in the context of the project as described above.
Essentially your part of the project is provide the theoretical formulation of “thought waves being identical to temporal waves” that will cause the “pulse power of millions of human antennas” to be synchronized with solar wind or solar flare when it causes the scalar type of excitation wave to disrupt the current global mind coding.
It is at precisely this moment – a time quake taking us into the temporal vacuum you describe – that we will need to pulse out another temporal-thought wave that contains the rainbow bridge coding and is completely in harmony with the 13:20 natural timing frequency of universal synchronization. This thought-temporal wave would amount to the new coding of the global mind – a unified thought coding that activates the noosphere while simultaneously triggering the circumpolar rainbow bridge.
Here it is important that we operate by the principle: We must believe in order to see, rather than empirical, we must see in order to believe. This is how imagination conquers doubt and becomes reality.
The unity of thought and temporal waves is also the premise of N. Kozyrev who formulated that the velocity of time is instantaneously infinite, and that time shoots out radially (from time vacuum, black hole, stellar core?).
It is this conscious activation of the noosphere that aligns the subjective psyche of man with the objective psyche of the universe, to use your language, and establishes the noosphere as the planetary medium of mind in resonance with the primordial time of the objective universal psyche.  It is the energy of the primordial time that is released at the precise moment from the temporal vacuum and which reorganizes the coding of the global mind.
The World Information field is recast as the diverse formulations of the synchronic order, while the World Energy Filed becomes recast as the telepathically interactive planeto-electro-psychic field. We are creating a new field of unified simultaneity.
As for the identity of temporal wave and thought wave: This is the basis of universal telepathy. As long as the subjective psyche of man is operating only in secondary time – arrow of time that keeps things flat, linear and entropic – telepathy is but an odd phenomenon. But actual nature of temporal and thought waves being identical, restores the telepathic thought language of the subjective psyche so that it can re-establish contact with the objective universal psyche.
By nullifying the current global mind coding we are nullifying concept of arrow of time – at least as exclusively linear phenomenon. Thought-temporal waves as antipode to gravity waves are syntropic (anti-entropic) and therefore the arrow of time becomes simultaneously radial and curved informing all aspects of noosphere instantaneously. The noo-taxis is a curved and radial one returning to a center point in the world mind, the temporal vacuum whence it originated. This is the nature of super-cyclical time. We are no longer coming from past going to future but living future past in present now. Aligned with the verticality of primordial time, the unified thought beam becomes the universally available channel of the subjective psyche to receive information from the objective universal psyche.
You put forth: “Space is seen, time is heard. Music, psyche, and time are woven by the same substance” Yes, we agree. The source of psyche and the source of time coincide. It is their telepathically interwoven waves that create the dark matter whose substance is consciousness. Their source is the Supermind, the final stage of the evolution of mind, and also the original source of mind. The whole of this is a very impactful thought. Perhaps it suggests that to nullify the coding of present global mind and replace it with new coding, that there should be considered some type of resonantly complementary sound waves (“music” chanting?) that evokes the descent of the Supermind with its outermost mantle the noosphere as that which becomes our new global coding matrix..
Well these are some reflections creatively integrating you theoretical considerations with the actuality of the project and the definition of what is to be accomplished by the applications of certain principles you have put forth.
What you need to do next is to consider the actualities of the planetary whole as a presently incoherent entropic social organism and within that, visualize the synchronization and placement of millions of human antennas. What are the coded instructions to give this great mass that will assist them in aligning their collective Human Thought Wave with the Cosmic (Solar) Wave at a precise moment so that what we need to see occur actually happens? How much preparation should they have, what should they know? How much in advance should they start preparing?
A few words on your last e-mail and the graphics: The God, the Absolute always exists and is paradoxically both the Absolute and the consciousness force that descends into matter only to become spirit that evolves out of matter into mind, noosphere and then Supermind. In that process the God particularizes into “individual souls” who are meant to reunite, first in Noosphere, then advance as one into Theosphere of Supermind, the Life Divine. God is never absent. It is only present global mind code that denies His existence. Present global mind coding is dependent on the sub-reality of 7 billion particularized souls wrapped in varying degrees in the Veil of Ignorance or Maya (avidya). The aggregate of these souls in their supreme individualization create a mental of field of secular God-denial, but that is only an aspect of the present global mind coding, which is an illusion based on many wrong premises including 12:60 artificial mechanistic time that creates their time arrow taking them directly into the apocalypse. The consciously induced collective thought wave will break that illusion and we will know God directly, each one of us, once again.
I find the graphics very provocative and powerful. The Human active and inactive thought beams for instance portray very well the noospheric simultaneity of time as opposed to the modern man living in the moment to moment physical present.  In the Hierarchy of Singularities the unfolding of the simultaneous into linear consecutive time is very clear. In the hierarchy of singularities shouldn’t we say that the psychological singularity is the basis of the noospheric singularity and the unfolding of consecutive time back into simultaneous instantaneous time?
I especially like the Objective and Subjective Psyches of the Universe and Man.
In the progression of ages or characteristics of cosmic evolution, I find the placement of mathematics most interesting, as well as the definition: the substance of mathematics is pure symbol.
In my thinking about this, and my working with a simple mathematical matrix of 441 or 21 squared, as well as its cube 9261 (21 x21 x 21), as the basis of the symbolic language of  universal cosmic telepathy, it has become very clear to me that the cosmological sequence might be as follows:
God – Supermind – mathematics – physics – chemistry – biology - psychology- noology – theology. The substance of what we call mind is psychology and noology.
The next step is to synthesize Boris’ input to this process. Then we will have the basics of a science of the mind shift. Please remain in touch with Boris!
I hope you are well. I am sorry we could not meet. But for a project like this it seems appropriate that we remain in a telepathic wave, apart from the physical.
Could you please send me your postal mailing address so I can send you some books.  I am always tuning you in. Do you remember your galactic signature? If not, could you send me the date month and year of your birth?
Yours in evolving the science of the mind shift, with a warm noospheric embrace
Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan
*   *   *

Dear Jose,
Brother of all angels and all spirits,

As a world famous public figure you are now on the top of the human attention i.e. on the edge of human Thought Wave -  such an odd coincidence of  objective Thought Wave  (the project of  Noo-arrow - Human Thought Wave Arrow) and subjective Thought Wave (the people's attention) - and what one can do with the fame if not use it as leader of humankind benefit?
You was an initiator of already organized project "The Hour of the Earth" - and I allow myself to ask you "Way don't you become also the initiator of the project Human Thought Wave (Beam) Arrow ? Yet, the Hour of the Earth is only ostensibly comparable with the project "Human Thought Wave Arrow building World attractor  (creating God existence) as it is envisioned as an active intentional mental human interface (interference) with/upon the informational field of the Universe.

I am thinking instead to deal with coordination of two waves to deal with or invoke one wave another. Coordination means that God already exists, since coordination implies pre-established harmony -  while the "Wave building World Attractor "
means that God is not yet exists, but will be created through Human Thought Wave intentionality.

God is not those who have created the world, but those to whom the world is striving at.
If Human Thought Wave becomes arrow i.e. world attractor, the world attractor will creates the virtual God existence. Nobody can distinguish the virtual God existence from real God, since mental God experience and scientific God description are about the same.
I am suffering by disappearing of God, and wish to create a virtual God to substitute him  - so terrible is His absence, that perhaps, we are ready to create him by the price of truth sacrifice - or by the price of Sacrificio Intellecti.

Dear Jose, I think that we have to communicate personally in order to nullify any discrepancy. I understand that in October you are in Europe. I am also in Europe now, yet, I will have an attendance in Astana from 16th to 21st of October, assuming that you shall be there. Lately I was informed that you will be in Paris at that time. Please, tell me, if it is not makes difficulties to you, how and where to meet you?

Many blessings,
Most humble and devoted