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Hierarchy of singularities - Human Thought Beam
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Shifting from Noosphere to Nootaxis and Noobeam.

How to make intersection between Galaxy beam and Human Thought beam.

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Hierarchy of singularities

Language Singularity, Physical Singularity, Chemical Singularity, Biological Singularity, Brain Singularity, Psychological Singularity

How to draw the picture of the university where the universe should be closed on the pole of Perceptory cell, and is opened on the other pole? Where the universe is finite on the spatial pole and is infinite on the other temporal pole?
Therefore on the left side universe like finite sphere, and on the right side universe is like of infinite opened pseudo-sphere, which cannot be sphere.


On its left special pole the universe is Information, on its right temporal pole universe is Energy.
On its left informational pole universe is General – Symmetric – Harmonic and Proportional.
On its right ride universe is Individual – Asymmetric – Disharmonic and Dys-proportional.

The very fact that the universe is likelihood of balloon into which Nothingness flows into, and after then flows backwards  into  Nothingness again, it is said that universe itself is one primordial gigantic Black hole.

On the right side  the sphere  must be opened pseudo-figure, that cannot be figure, because every figure is closed. Hence, on the right side the universe must be only opened infinite space, that cannot be soace.

At physical, chemical and biological singularities universe  continues to be locked into Symmetry and Harmony.

Just at Psychological singularity the universe is pulled up from above by some trans-universe-Attractor and leaking.


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fig 1


Syntactic Universe
Universe as a Syntax
Asemantic-Omnisemantic Sintatic Universe
Doesn’t manifests itself as onthology
Incarnation of Asemantic-Omnisemantic universe into Monosemantic universe.
Only Monosemantic universe manifests itself as ontology.
Aspiration of Monosemantic universe to Asemantic – Omnisemantic syntactic universe
Semantic=Ontos (being)
Semiotic Universe
Universe as a Semiotics (Onthology)









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fig 2



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fig 5



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fig 9


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fig 10