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Shifting from Noosphere to Nootaxis and Noobeam.

How to make intersection between Galaxy beam and Human Thought beam.

Home The beam of human thought itself is of dual nature

The beam of human thought itself is of dual nature

On one side, the intellectual and memory forces are of gravitational nature.

The world will, the world chance fantasy, the will forces, the chance fantasy forces, the forces of imagination – they all are of anti-gravitational nature, as special manifestation of time.
Time is of anti-gravitational nature, while the memory forces, the intellectual forces and the space forces – they are of gravitational nature.
Space is of gravitational nature, while the time – of anti-gravitational one.

The problem is that the beam of human thought is of dual nature.
On one side, it functions through the memory and intellectual forces which have
of gravitational nature.
On the other side, the beam of human thought has will forces and chance fantasy forces, forces of negative emotions, such as hate.
They have anti-gravitational forces and they emerge as anti-gravitational forces.
Because of these forces, the will forces, fantasy forces, the forces of emotion and the objective fortuity forces – they are moving the cursor of time back, causing linear consecutive forces and dark matter and dark energy that expand the Universe.
All of them are of anti-gravitational nature.

When the human beam begins to function, it actually functions in two ways simultaneously. With its memory and intellectual forces, representing the gravitational forces, it can break through the membrane of space and time and lead mankind in the parallel Universe through black holes. On the other side, through the other impact of the will forces and chance fantasy forces, it functions as world passion of negativity that bends the cursor of time by taking the linear time in the perpendicular time.
On one side, due to its voluntative-fantasy nature, the beam of human thought can transfer the human mentality from the linear time to the perpendicular simultaneous, instantaneous time.
Yet due to its memory and intellectual forces, it can provide the warm holes and sent mankind to the parallel Universe.

Due to the fact that nobody until now has measured the quantities of such huge billion mass, the human thought convergence will have dual manifestation – of time curvature, and creating a new black hole.
And due to the fact that for us the Individual consciousness behaves as a mini black hole, the gathering of so many human consciousnesses will cause the convergence of the million black holes into one huge black hole that can break through the membrane of space and time and place mankind in the parallel Universe.

It will be simultaneous exit from the present, if consciousness provides the reverse procedure of wave function restoration, returning from the present to the future and placing mankind in the future and acquiring omni-possible life.

All creatures will form one joint black hole that will turn the world into a hole and place us in another parallel Universe.

The beam of human thought itself is of dual nature.
Functioning together with the memory and intellectual forces, it will act as a gravitational force.
While the gathering of all creatures from one mini black hole will create one huge joint black hole and will place us in the parallel Universe – it will create warm holes.
Functioning together with the will forces and the fantasy forces, with its other nature of will and negative emotions however, it will function anti-gravitationally and will bend the direction of time.
Therefore, if several millions of people undertake to converge their forces, they can achieve even the greatest impacts.